Torre de Santa María

Tower of Santa María

The tower of the vanished church of Santa María la Mayor, recently restored as a magnificent vantage point over the historic center, complements the exhibition hall of the Capilla del Oidor (Chapel of the Oidor), inviting us to take a bird’s eye view of the city. In this place, in the Middle Ages, outside the walls of the city, was the hermitage of St. John the Baptist (called de los Caballeros). In 1449, Archbishop Carrillo transferred the parish of Santa María la Mayor to this hermitage, and ten years later he equipped it with “tower and bells”. In 1553, the construction of a large church began, and the hermitage was partially demolished. It will be in the early years of the nineteenth century when the tower, which modified the spire and restored the staircase, and in the twentieth century, after an accidental fire rises. 109 steps and 34 meters lead us through the life and works of the famous Miguel de Cervantes. Next to this tower is the baptismal chapel of the church, where the author of Don Quixote was baptized on October 9, 1547. Audio Guide System in Spanish and English with a complete explanation of the buildings that can be seen from the viewpoint of the Tower.

Address: Plaza de Cervantes, s/n

Schedule: Thursday-Friday-Sunday: 11:00h to 14:00h. Saturdays: 11:00 to 14:00h. / 16:00 to 19:00h.