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The best way to get to know Alcalá de Henares. We offer you the opportunity to enjoy a unique city, World Heritage since 1998, thanks to the best tourism professionals. More than 20 years of dedication and work for the tourism sector of our city. Tours adapted to all types of visitors. ON-LINE TICKET SALES

Our guided tours, both in the morning and in the afternoon, visit the most interesting tourist, historical and cultural places of the city. Even on Mondays! We also have an extensive program of tours for groups and thematic visits, such as dramatized, musical, gastronomic or following the historical footprint of the legends and anecdotes of Alcalá.

And a real treat, our Premium Visit! Find out more on our website. The unique experience of reliving the past of Alcalá de Henares in a fun, entertaining and rigorous way.

Alcalá de Henares, city of Cervantes, World Heritage

– Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday. (Mondays only with previous reservation and for more than 10 people).
–  Mornings: 11:15 h. Price: 14 €. – Evenings: 16:00 h. Price: 14:00 €. Price: 9 €. The morning tour starts at Plaza de Cervantes (Cervantes Square), 11 and the afternoon tour starts at Calle Mayor (Mayor Street), 46.


Route: Former Hospedería de Estudiantes (interior), Plaza de Cervantes (Cervantes Square), Capilla del Oidor (Oidor Chapel – interior, except Mondays), University (patios, Paraninfo or Capilla de San Ildefonso [San Ildefonso Chapel]), Interior Corral de Comedias or Catedral-Magistral and Museum (the Corral de Comedias is closed on Mondays); Calle Mayor (Mayor Street), Antiguo Hospital de Antezana (Old Antezana Hospital – interior), Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes (Cervantes’ Birthplace Museum – interior, except Mondays), Imagen Street, Plaza de Palacio (Palace Square – explanation of the history of the Palacio del Arzobispado [Archbishop’s Palace] and the Regional Archaeological Museum), Plaza de los Santos Niños (Los Santos Niños Square – Cathedral-Magistral).


AlcaláTurismoYmás S.L
Guided tours and touristic services
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Address: Hospedería del Estudiante y Hospital de Antezana

Schedule:  Mornings: 11:15 h. Price: 14 €. – Evenings: 16,00 h. Price: 14,00 €. The morning tour starts at Plaza de Cervantes, 11 and the afternoon tour starts at Calle Mayor, 46.

Price: Check website. Children up to 5 years old free admission.