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  • Complutum
  • Cuna de Cervantes
    Birthplace of Cervantes
  • Multicultural
  • Patrimonio Histórico
  • Universidad Cisneriana
    University Cisneriana

Alcalá TODAY


Ruta de Cervantes in Alcalá

& Nbsp; This route (see map Read more) walks sites Alcalá de Henares related to the life and work of Miguel de Cervantes, the house where he was born in 1547, now converted into Museo Casa Natal Miguel de Cervantes, the Church in which He was baptized on October 9 de 1547 currently houses the Interpretation Centre Universes of Cervantes, buildings connected with your family or those associated with the publication of his works. & nbsp;


FITUR 2015 Cervantes in the heart of a Unique Experience

Alcalá de Henares is renewed this year at FITUR 2015. Recovers your own space with a modern stand in Hall 9, further showcase the best of our World Heritage Site, the only one of the Community of Madrid, is made available the Complutense companies in the tourism-cultural sector, thus confirming the conviction on that tourism, culture and leisure and the enhancement of our rich heritage lies in the economic and social development of the city ...


Alcalá Una Experiencia Única
01 ONE 2014 Wednesday
31 DEC 2015 Thursday

Alcalá A Unique Experience

Alcalá It is a unique city, a World Heritage Site in which to live A Unique ExperienceWe have a cultural program and entertainment throughout the year. Three parties declared of Regional Tourist Interest, Easter, Cervantes Week and representation Outdoor Don Juan in Alcalá October 31 and November 1. Festivalia as Teatralia, Classics in Alcalá, Alcine, PhotoEspana and commercial promotion campaign as Alcalow Cost. & Nbsp;

Activities Brochure Alcalá 2014 & nbsp;Alcala a unique experience 2014.pdf

Camino de Santiago Complutense
31 JUL 2014 Thursday
28 AGO 2015 Friday

Camino de Santiago Complutense

The Camino de Santiago also begins in Alcalá, See here in pdf. this comprehensive guide to the Camino de Santiago Complutense. The Camino de Santiago Complutense aims to reach Santiago de Compostela departing from the city of Alcalá de Henares. Only necessary to lead from Alcalá to Segovia, because from this city and there the road signposted hasa Sahagún and from there continued by the so-called Camino Francés. & Nbsp;

The Camino de Santiago also begins in Alcalá.pdf


El Sueño de Cisneros. V Centenario de la Biblia Políglota Complutense
14 NOV 2014 Friday
01 FEB 2015 Sunday

El Sueño de Cisneros. V Centenario Complutensian Polyglot Bible

Until next January you can visit the exhibition "The dream of Cisneros. V centennial edition of the Complutensian Polyglot Bible" which can be seen in three areas of the University of Alcalá: Museum Gonzalez Robles, Capilla de San Ildefonso and 3M room. & Nbsp; The exhibition includes texts of great historical value as the Charter Viejo de Alcalá, the Jurisdiction Again, the Polyglot Bible, the Misal Rico de Cisneros and a replica of a printing company sixteenth century among many other pieces of great value. In the Chapel of San Ildefonso costumes "Isabel" series that reflect society at which the Polyglot Bible editing is. Check Price 2 Euros.

Video Expo Dream Cisneros

Diptych Exhibition Dream Cisneros.pdf

Exposición Consorcio Alcalá de Henares Patrimonio de la Humanidad
02 DEC 2014 Tuesday
08 MAR 2015 Sunday

Exhibition Consortium Alcalá de Henares Heritage

Exhibition Consortium Alcalá de Henares Heritage. The Consortium Alcalá de Henares Heritage born in 2003, since 2004 and has worked for the city and has funded numerous performances and confinanciado options at iconic buildings and assets of Alcalá de Henares that this exhibition disclosed. The walled enclosure, rehabilitation of Teatro Cervantes Hall, the Music Kiosk Plaza de Cervantes, the House of Lizana, the Monastery of San Juan of Penance or the Roman city of Complutum are some of the historical milestones have been worth thanks to the Consortium. & nbsp;

Old hospital of Santa Maria La Rica, 3 91 877 32 53 from 2 December to March 8th. Free admission. & Nbsp;

Agenda Cultural Alcalá de Henares
05 ONE 2015 Monday
31 ONE 2015 Saturday

Cultural Agenda Alcalá de Henares

Check here the Cultural Agenda of Alcalá de Henares. Film, Theatre, Exhibitions ... lives in Alcalá a Unique Experience. & Nbsp;

Cultural Agenda Dec-Jan 2015.pdf



Bus Alcalá Barajas Airport

& Nbsp; Alcalá has a direct line through intercity bus to the airport. & Nbsp; The header of this line is located at 824 Via Complutense (corner C / Ribera-branch Bankia, front c / Brihuega). Another stop on Via Complutense (next to CCOO), two in the Avda. Of the Army and another in the M-300 (Ibelsa). In addition, some expeditions begin weekday tour the campus of the University and will stop at the Prince of Asturias Hospital. Also allow the enl ...


Alcalá, the city of the storks

111 pairs of storks nesting in the most beautiful buildings in Alcalá de Henares. The storks fly through the sky of our city almost all year. Alcalá not be the same without its storks are a symbol of coexistence between historical heritage and natural. The white stork nests in our churches and towers and Alcalá, aware of this natural heritage takes counted more than 25 years and studying storks, building artificial nests and providing materials for e ...