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  • Complutum
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    Birthplace of Cervantes
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    University Cisneriana

Alcalá TODAY


Ruta de Cervantes in Alcalá

& Nbsp; This route (see map Read more) walks sites Alcalá de Henares related to the life and work of Miguel de Cervantes, the house where he was born in 1547, now converted into Museo Casa Natal Miguel de Cervantes, the Church in which He was baptized on October 9 de 1547 currently houses the Interpretation Centre Universes of Cervantes, buildings connected with your family or those associated with the publication of his works. & nbsp;


Cervantes Train 2015

Cervantes Train 2015 Spring season every Saturday from April 4 to June 13. Fall season every Saturday from October 3 to December 5. & Nbsp; El Tren de Cervantes is an exceptional and unique tourism product to visit the city of Alcalá de Henares, birthplace of Cervantes and Heritage City. & Nbsp; Walk to train you will welcome actors and extras Tren de Cervantes, who dressed in costumes inspired by the Golden Age, tie ...


Alcalá Una Experiencia Única
01 ONE 2014 Wednesday
31 DEC 2015 Thursday

Alcalá A Unique Experience

Alcalá de Henares, A World Heritage Site where you can live A Unique ExperienceWe have a cultural program and entertainment throughout the year. Three parties declared of Regional Tourist Interest, Easter, Cervantes Week and representation Outdoor Don Juan in Alcalá October 31 and November 1. Festivalia as Teatralia, Classics in Alcalá, Alcine, PhotoEspana, the commercial promotion campaign as Alcalow Cost, our famous Cervantino Market ... and more. See all activities scheduled for 2015


Calendar of Events 2015.pdf

Camino de Santiago Complutense
31 JUL 2014 Thursday
28 AGO 2015 Friday

Camino de Santiago Complutense

The Camino de Santiago also begins in Alcalá, See here in pdf. this comprehensive guide to the Camino de Santiago Complutense. The Camino de Santiago Complutense aims to reach Santiago de Compostela departing from the city of Alcalá de Henares. Only necessary to lead from Alcalá to Segovia, because from this city and there the road signposted hasa Sahagún and from there continued by the so-called Camino Francés. & Nbsp;

The Camino de Santiago also begins in Alcalá.pdf


Exposición Consorcio Alcalá de Henares Patrimonio de la Humanidad
02 DEC 2014 Tuesday
08 MAR 2015 Sunday

Exhibition Consortium Alcalá de Henares Heritage

Exhibition Consortium Alcalá de Henares Heritage. The Consortium Alcalá de Henares Heritage born in 2003, since 2004 and has worked for the city and has funded numerous performances and confinanciado options at iconic buildings and assets of Alcalá de Henares that this exhibition disclosed. The walled enclosure, rehabilitation of Teatro Cervantes Hall, the Music Kiosk Plaza de Cervantes, the House of Lizana, the Monastery of San Juan of Penance or the Roman city of Complutum are some of the historical milestones have been worth thanks to the Consortium. & nbsp;

Old hospital of Santa Maria La Rica, 3 91 877 32 53 from 2 December to March 8th. Free admission. & Nbsp;

2º Certamen Alcalá Gastronómica
09 FEB 2015 Monday
28 APR 2015 Tuesday

Gastronomic Contest 2nd Alcalá

Gastronomic Contest 2nd Alcalá. From 9 to 28 February registration period opens for all Alcalá restaurants wishing to participate in the Second Culinary Competition Alcalá, You can download here the basis and the registration form. & Nbsp; The promotion phase of the Contest will take place from March 19 to April 19, during this period the participating establishments offer their course tasting at a price of between 2 and 5 Euros. & Nbsp; An exceptional opportunity to experience the best of the gastronomy of Alcalá de Henares opportunity. On April 28 there will be the Gala awards granted by a professional jury of recognized prestige. There will be three prizes, most innovative dish Jury Award, Jury Award for most traditional dish and Jury Prize for best dish with product guaranteeing the product of origin. & Nbsp;

Gastronomic Contest 2nd Alcalá.pdf

BSecond aces Contest & nbsp; Alcalá & nbsp; & nbsp; Gastronómica.pdf

Exposición Quijote Visiones actuales
18 FEB 2015 Wednesday
31 MAY 2015 Sunday

Current Exhibition Visions Quijote

El Museo Casa Natal Miguel de Cervantes opens its exhibition program to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Second Part of Don Quixote with this temporary exhibition will be open from February 18 to May 31.  The exhibition includes & nbsp;& Nbsp;. A selection of drawings by Spanish artists and Hispanic renowned & nbsp;Probably no work of world literature has generated so much iconography as the famous novel by Miguel de Cervantes, & nbsp;The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha& Nbsp; from the appearance of his first part in 1605. The contemporary Spanish art has also been echoed the masterpiece by this author: Antonio Saura, Alberto, Benjamín Palencia, Julio Gonzalez, Gregorio Prieto and, of course, two great geniuses Spanish painting and universal art, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí. & nbsp;



Tauromaquia. Francisco de Goya
24 FEB 2015 Tuesday
15 MAR 2015 Sunday

Bullfighting. Francisco de Goya

Exposure Bullfighting of Francisco de Goya. & Nbsp;& Nbsp; series of engravings by the famous painter. The sample is divided into three parts, the first on the history of the festival in Spain since antiquity, the second represents the figures of the two schools of bullfighting eighteenth century and finally sets the & nbsp; deals with tragic outcomes . An exhibition in which the artist moves away from the kind and colored scenes so beloved by the public of the time and sample, reducing the scene to its essence, the drama of the race. Free admission, Casa San Juan entevista Street next to Plaza de los Santos Niños. & Nbsp;


Agenda Cultural Marzo. Cervantes es infinito
01 MAR 2015 Sunday
31 MAR 2015 Tuesday

Cultural Agenda March. Cervantes is infinite

Cultural Events in March. March is the prelude to Cervantes Infinity, with the collaboration of the City of Alcalá is & nbsp; cycle has started Echoes of El QuijoteOrganized by the Instituto Cervantes. In the hands of the Ministry of Culture has started at the House of Cervantes exposure Quijote current views with artwork created for the immortal work of Miguel de Cervantes by contemporary artists such as Antonio Saura, Benjamín Palencia and Julio González among others. The City is revving up to April Cervantes with great exposure Legplates Antonio Mingote, godfather of programming, 2005 and City of Alcalá of Arts and Letters Award. The director of literary encounters April Cervantes, Fernando Marias Cervantes literary prepare a menu for your conferences. Classics in Alcalá host fondly Cervantes and Don Quixote, and so on and with "infinite character".


Quixancho encadenado
07 MAR 2015 Saturday
31 MAY 2015 Sunday

Quixancho chained

As of March 7, the Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes are full of theater every Saturday to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the publication of the second part of Don Quixote. & nbsp;Quixancho chained & nbsp;It is a theatrical animation directed to all audiences. & nbsp;In two passes, at 11.30 and 12.30 h. & Nbsp; narrator and audience will intermingle and play to give life to three linked stories whose protagonist, Sancho, will be the thread.& Nbsp; Admission is free, with limited seating. During performances access to the house museum is closed. & Nbsp;March: 7, 14, 21 and 28 April: 11, 18 and May 25: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30.

II Ciclo Música de Cámara Ciudades Patrimonio
13 MAR 2015 Friday
13 MAR 2015 Friday

Cycle II Chamber Music Heritage Cities

Alcalá premiere Cycle II "Chamber Music in World Heritage Cities". All concerts will be conducted by the School of Music Reina Sofia, considered as one of the most prestigious training centers in the world. Friday, March 13 Voices Tempo Group Orange Foundation singing and piano recital at the Chapel of San Ildefonso unmatched. 19: 30h. as all concerts will be freely available to fill seats. More information about the concerts in the rest of the page Heritage Cities 



Bus Alcalá Barajas Airport

& Nbsp; Alcalá has a direct line through intercity bus to the airport. & Nbsp; The header of this line is located at 824 Via Complutense (corner C / Ribera-branch Bankia, front c / Brihuega). Another stop on Via Complutense (next to CCOO), two in the Avda. Of the Army and another in the M-300 (Ibelsa). In addition, some expeditions begin weekday tour the campus of the University and will stop at the Prince of Asturias Hospital. Also allow the enl ...


Alcalá, the city of the storks

111 pairs of storks nesting in the most beautiful buildings in Alcalá de Henares. The storks fly through the sky of our city almost all year. Alcalá not be the same without its storks are a symbol of coexistence between historical heritage and natural. The white stork nests in our churches and towers and Alcalá, aware of this natural heritage takes counted more than 25 years and studying storks, building artificial nests and providing materials for e ...